The Documentation Center on Infancy and Childhood (DCI) was originally designed to support the research activities of Programa Infancia which are carried on by an interdisciplinary team in the three campuses of the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana.

As one of its goals is to build and sustain networks of information, the Center participates on the Child and Family Interamerican Information Program coordinated by the Interamerican Institute of the Child (
IIN) in Uruguay, which has an extense database in continuous actualization by all the participating centers of the region on central issues about children's rights and well being.

The DCI aims to promote direct communication between researchers of different countries and to disseminate information on the problems that affect the welfare and development of vulnerable children of Mexico.



  • To contribute to the actualization of different databases and information centers adapted to new technologies, with information on different topics related to Infancy, Childhood and Adolescence.
  • To ease the search and localization of bibliographic references for researchers, students and people who work with children.
  • To promote the diffusion and use of publications and media resources that may help to create changes in the living conditions of children and their families.
  • To create informational networks and academic links with Universities, Research Centers, NGO´s and other documentation centers focused on Infancy and Childhood matters.
  • To function as a Focal Subcenter of the Interamerican Information Network on Infancy (RIIN).
  • To maintain actualized the web page of Programa Infancia with relevant information about publications, events and links.



  • Localization, analysis and sistematization of the internet resources related to Documentation and Database Centers, virtual Libraries and Research Centers as well as specialized topic sites on infancy and child's rights issues.
  • Digital preservation of academic events, expositions and conferences.
  • Orientation and guidance to particular enquiries on health, education, social participation, legislation and other child's topics at a national and international level.
  • Projection and diffusion of scientific, social and cultural initiatives to promote the enforcement of the Convention of Child's Rights.


Information on:


Prol. Canal de Miramontes 3855, Edif. C,
2º Piso (Centro de Documentación sobre Infancia),
ExHacienda de San Juan de Dios, Tlalpan,
México 14387, D.F., México
Phone/Fax: (52)-55-56736088