UAM participates in institutional research programs and proposals with multidisciplinary projects, at the national and international level with the aim of contributing to Mexico's growth and development.




UAM has filed 125 patent applications,
of them have been submitted for an international patent applications.

UAM is recognized for its contributions to society through more than 180 research areas within 58 Departaments.

Some of the areas are:

Nanotechnology, Energy, Sustainable Development, Materials, Technology, Economics, Education, Rural and Urban Development, Anthropology, History and Culture, Administration, Sociology, Politics, Communication, International Relations, Health, Nutrition, Architecture, Design, amongst others.


UAM has more than 100 laboratories, workshops, and pilot plants for research and lecturing:

  • Nuclear and Magnetic Resonance Laboratory in liquid state
  • Microscopy Electronics Laboratory
  • Bio Systems Laboratory
  • Geometrics Laboratory
  • Nanotechnology and Molecular Engineering Laboratory
  • Research Center in Imagenology and Medical Instrumentation
  • Biology and Aquiculture Research Center in Cuemanco
  • Neurodevelopment Research Laboratory
  • Biology Systems Laboratory
  • Animal Production and Experimental Unit
  • Communication Workshops
  • Design Workshops
  • Network and Software Manufacture Laboratory




UAM transforms knowledge into a useful product for society

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