Cooperation and exchanges

UAM participates with both national and international Higher Education institutions and Research Centers in different areas, through activities that offer opportunities to enrich academic and professional training:

  • Research and academic exchanges
  • Student Mobility (undergraduate and graduate level)
  • Joined research and joined programs
  • Academic Networks
  • Seminars, Courses and Lectures
  • Social Service Projects



UAM encourages its students throughout their professional formation to take with them commitment to find solution to social needs

Social linkages


UAM is involved in a diverse range of projects aimed at solving specific issues and attending the needs of society's most vulnerable sectors.


Two examples would be stomatology clinics and legal services for a sector of the community that otherwise would not be able to afford such services.


Other social link examples include the Sierra Nevada Project aimed at restructuring traditional production practices into sustainable resource operations that project beyond the in mediate into the long-term.


Another example would be a research and training in Human Resource Development in Chiapas.


Also the Metropolitan Studies Project that addresses problems faced by large cities around the globe.


Community Benefits


  • Foreign language centers
  • Spanish courses for foreign students
  • Library
  • Computer services
  • Bookshops
  • Sports and recreation activities
  • Medical services



  • Education guidance office
  • Cafeterias and dining rooms with affordable costs
  • Job opportunities
  • Life-long learning
  • Courses, workshops, conferences, seminars, diploma courses, round table discussions, colloquiums
  • Campus surveillance system
  • Cultural activities

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